Relic: Star-Crossed

Artist: Julia Barbosa Landois

14" x 12.5" x 5.5" Framed | Readymade Sculpture | 2013

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Julia Barbosa Landois uses pop cultural tropes and dark humor to address thorny subjects such as religion, gender, and sexuality. She recontextualizes songs and found objects to provoke a seductive discomfort: lean in, recoil, repeat. Playing with the disjunctions that occur in language translation to further complicate the relationships between Spanish and English, masculine and feminine, victim and victimizer, abject and exalted.

WHAT'S IT MADE OF?: Mid-twentieth century chalkware and lipstick.

WHY WE EXHIBITED THIS: Landois challenges our notions of sacred objects and magnifies the perceived powers of religious relics.

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Julia Barbosa Landois, Star-Crossed II, Video (excerpt), 2013.